AntiChess and AntiChess960

AntiCrux is an open-source artificial intelligence written in JavaScript which plays a variant of the classical chess named "AntiChess", "Losing chess", "Suicide chess"...

Play online with a simple web-browser or download the application for your phone :

To run the game, select your device.


AntiChess is a variant of the classical chess which consists in losing to win. The rules are very simple :

  • there are no check, no mate and no castling,
  • the winner has no more piece on the board or cannot move,
  • when you can take an opponent's piece, you must take it,
  • when you can take several opponent's pieces, you may choose which one to take,
  • you can promote a king.


AntiCrux is released under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.

You can download its source code at :

User interface of AntiCrux

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